How to limit a family screen time?

How to limit a family screen time?

In reality, the television plays a major role in several homes in all over the world. Even, most of the homes are using multiple TV sets that are usual for children to have their own TV setup in the room with some connected to DVD players and video game consoles, to spend evening time with family, watching a favorit movie, or just playing games on a gaming console

According to the report of the American Academy of Pediatrics, the children more than two years age are limited to one or two hours of screen time per day and also children younger than two must not get any. The screen time normally includes video games, computers and television time.

Watching screen more than recommended amount of time on each day has been linked to many problems like behavior problems, obesity, lower academic achievement as well as progress and also minimum time for creative activities. This is why; the rules for screen time have been implemented, especially for children.

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When family has various technology rules?

One of the easiest ways to limit a screen time is to not turn it on. Sounds simple sufficient, but it could be quite difficult to control at first. If you have kids in your home, everyone gets home can make a rule that says no TV until after dinner and until then it must be family time. Be consistent and soon it would surely become natural. You as well as your children may be frazzled at the beginning, but it would helps to bring your children together as well as make you a great family overall. The children whose parents are spending quality time with them have absolutely better grades and self-esteem in school. However, this form of habitual activity will also limit cell phone use for your children that would help your kid feel better after sometime.

Screen time rules you must have

Study after study is finding that kids who are on their screens a more time than two hours per day. It will lose their ability to concentrate on what is essential, a talent necessarily important in school work and also on a job. They also lose both social and emotional skills as well. In order to get rid of your kid from this, the technology rules for family is vital in all the homes today for both parents and children as well.

Therefore, when it comes to limiting your kid’s screen time, it is must to follow the screen time rules in day-to-day life.

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