Birthed in Boston in 2014 and ruminating in Arkansas since 2016, Couch Jackets is psychedelic indie rock with acid jazz roots.  Members of Couch Jackets have toured the US twice, worked with and opened for artists and producers who've won a combined nine Grammy awards and played venues like The Troubadour in Los Angeles and Wells Fargo Arena in Philadelphia.  In 2016, Couch Jackets released two EPs, Doldrum Dreams and Sincerely Swimtrunks and just finished recording four new singles at Million Yen Studios in Chicago with producer Jeremy Chereskin (Chance the Rapper, Jennifer Hudson, Marilyn Manson).  Couch Jackets are Brennan Leeds (guitar / vocals), Ben Eslick (bass / vocals), Hunter Law (drums), Harry Glaeser (keys).